Month: August 2017

Uncategorized Beef Bone Marrow Benefits

Beef Bone Marrow Benefits

Just to say that these are my views and what I have found through research of the low carb ketogenic lifestyle. I am not pretending to be a qualified nutritionist or diet advisor. These are just my thoughts. Bone marrow, the soft mushy stuff inside bone, is considered a delicacy in many kinds of cuisine. …

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Uncategorized Alcohol and low carb living – can it work?

Alcohol and low carb living – can it work?

Holidays and a social life bring another challenge to a low carb lifestyle – alcohol! I never drink at home usually I don’t enjoy it but on holiday I like to have a few drinks. Whilst I hate getting drunk and avoid this alcohol is not a friend to those of us who try to …

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Uncategorized The Canaray islands overview!

The Canaray islands overview!

I was fortunate enough to travel Gran Canaria recently to a really nice resort called Meloneras. There were many good food choices but I found Gran Canaria much tougher than other places I had visited. They love their Canarian potatoes and bread! I did get to enjoy some of the local produce which was fantastic! …

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