The Canaray islands overview!

The Canaray islands overview!

I was fortunate enough to travel Gran Canaria recently to a really nice resort called Meloneras. There were many good food choices but I found Gran Canaria much tougher than other places I had visited. They love their Canarian potatoes and bread!

I did get to enjoy some of the local produce which was fantastic! Steaks from Galician beef, pork tenderloin, large king prawns, mussels, lobster and let’s not forget the aioli!

If you are holidaying in the canaries look for the restaurants that have the lobster tanks, fresh fish or meat displays. You want to know your meat or fish is fresh. The options you can have are salads, vegetables etc. Just say no to the bread, potato or rice they will try to give you.

European or Mediterranean food can really work for keto, paleo, low carb high fat diets you just have to choose wisely.

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