Travelling, holidays and low carb living

Travelling, holidays and low carb living

When you go on holiday if you are like me you might fear the buffet in the hotel…. fresh bread, pasta station, pizza, chips, and most of all the cakes and desserts!

Now I fear no more! I proved on my recent holidays to Spain and Greece that it is quite straight forward to stay on track whilst away and still enjoy yourself. The food you get to eat in the Mediterranean is perfect for following a low carb keto diet. Fresh fish, meat, olive oil, freshly local grown produce – what more could you want? You can see some of my food choices in my instagram feed.

In Spain my downfall is certainly bread with aoli and paella, eating these every now and then is fine but not in a regular basis, when I looked at other options for eating in Spain I could not believe the choices available. I had the choice of freshly caught fish, prawns, mussels as well as grilled meats, fresh vegetables and local produce. Of course I would still have the aoli as they make it with fresh eggs and olive oils so it is completely natural.

I recently went to Greece for few days – it was beautiful! The food they produce and create is also amazing, truly in keeping with the Mediterranean diet and so healthy. Going out for dinner each night was easy when you get to choose from moussaka, saganaki, kleftiko, gyros (without the pitta of course) so it was possibly one of the easiest holidays when it came to food choices – I can’t wait to go back.

When in Spain or Greece it is fair to say that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst thoroughly enjoying your holiday. The Mediterranean diet is renowned for being healthy so eating in the Mediterranean and generally experiencing new places cannot be bad for you!

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